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Hello, my name is Bernard. I travel all over the world to live experiences in hotels. I make videos with lived experiences. the videos are posted on my channel YouTube and on my page Facebook.

How can my videos help your hotel?

A beautiful video made by an independent filmmaker will influence Internet users. Before booking a hotel, people are looking for videos on YouTube and Facebook to get an idea before booking your hotel. During this search, people realize that there are 4 types of videos on YouTube and Facebook.

  1. disappointing amateur videos of poor quality
  2. videos of your hotel produced by a professional agency
  3. vlog videos
  4. experience videos produced by a filmmaker independant

Internet users do not like bad quality amateur videos, they feel like wasting their time looking for your hotel establishment. Internet users no longer trust the always perfect videos of your hotel produced by a professional agency. Internet users do not like videos produced by Vlogger who just talk and give us unnecessary information and do not show the hotel enough.  Now, people trust a video produced by a independant filmmaker, because it produces interesting videos to watch publish directly to its YouTube and Facebook account. The filmmaker creates an atmosphere with music and beautiful video images and creative transitions. The video will influence the decisions of Internet users. The independent filmmaker can afford more creativity because he does not produce the official video of the hotel.

Customer Experience Concept

"My Hotel Experience" style video will showcase your business on YouTube and Facebook. This concept has been tested and people love more the "my experience" videos made by independent filmmaker. People need to anticipate and visualize their experience before making their decisions. The comments left on my videos prove that they are very appreciated and that my videos have influenced their choices.

Video production operation

A video lasting 2 to 3 minutes will be produced with background music (without vlog). A mention "in collaboration with the hotel" will be shown at the beginning of the video to respect ethics. 

How many times will the video be viewed?

It depends on the research interest of your hotel on YouTube and Facebook. You can already measure YouTube traffic with tools provided by Google. Contact me if you need help determining your traffic. If people are looking for your hotel, your video will be seen thousands of times. If your hotel generates less interest, it is also very important to have a video of qualities in the search results to avoid losing an opportunity. My videos are optimized to appear in the top 10 YouTube results. I work with the existing YouTube and Facebook internet traffic of your hotel. Example here with the hotel Riu Bambu very popular on YouTube. If you find that your hotel's YouTube search results are not interesting, send me an email, to produce a video. The important thing is that if someone searches you on YouTube, he can find a quality video produced by an independent person.

Watch videos and more and more popular

Internet users are spending more time than ever watching videos: a recent study predicts that video will account for 80% of all global online traffic by 2020. The videos attract the attention of users, offer them a unique perspective of your hotel that allows them to see your unique features. A video of your property allows you to bring your hotel to life.

About my style

It is important to keep my creativity, which determines the beauty of the video. My style is dynamic, but I can also produce a relaxing video or a more classic video if you prefer. People prefer a dynamic style, it is important that people do not get bored watching video, that music is catchy and that video plans change quickly.  An independent filmmaker can afford to be more creative while a video of a professional agency must remain sober and classic.


All I can say is WOW!! I really enjoyed this video because of the amazing footage, editing, great music (that fit perfectly especially with the transitions) and the time you took to put it together. I'm deciding which resort I would like to go to and you honestly covered what I wanted more info about (room, beach, grounds.. etc) Thanks for the awesome video. I'm a youtuber so I know how much time & effort it takes into creating good content. You are seriously amazing at filming & editing. AWESOME JOB :)

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